Paula Thomas Resin Art
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The Resin Process

Resin art is uniquely one of a kind. What is it? Read on to see how Resin Art can lift your space, create conversation, and fit your personality.

What makes Resin Art special?

Resin is a high gloss, epoxy coating that can be poured over any art or object. My Abstract Resin Art is glass like with paints, mica powders and inks mixed in to create beautiful, layered, textured paintings. Each Resin Art is uniquely distinctive. If you happen upon a piece on the site store or gallery that inspires you for a custom piece, be assured that your custom piece may mimic the inspiration piece but will always be one-of-a-kind.

Finished Resin Art is typically very smooth with a reflective, glass like appearance. However, sometimes, as the resin is heated to smooth the surface, it may be torched longer to create waves in the resin or bubbles will be purposefully left in the resin to create texture within the art. These details will be in the notes of the piece. Many pieces come with display hardware and display instructions included with your purchase.

I highly recommend you visit the studio here in Knoxville, TN to experience the true nature of Resin Art, especially if you are purchasing a larger piece or considering a custom commissioned piece. It is almost impossible to capture the depth and texture of Resin Art in Photography. To truly appreciate it, you should see it in person!

Call, Text or Email to set up a time to stop by the studio or meet up to view samples!